Christ the King School

2 Lamarck Drive Amherst NY 14226
North Towns


Christ the King School (CTK) was founded in 1929 and offers PreK-3 through 8th grade classes. Approximately 200 students attend CTK Catholic School and we have 32 staff members. Our faith-based education provides a safe, nurturing and challenging environment for all who attend. Our average class size is 20 and our faculty to student ratio is 1:8. The average teaching experience of our staff is 13 years and 90% of our faculty hold Master’s Degrees. Our community of faith is the key to the success of the school. Investing in your child’s future, by choosing CTK, provides a solid foundation for their life. CTK promotes Catholic faith and values and has an excellent curriculum based on rigorous NYS and Diocese of Buffalo standards.

We are one of the few schools that was able to safely provide 5-day in-school instruction in our area this past school year.  We are thankful to have a dedicated staff, wonderful families and students, and exceptional curriculum that allows every student to shine.  We are a STREAM school and a STREAM Academy.  We have also embarked on an exciting journey that only a handful of Catholic K-8 schools have in WNY, that is, to become accredited by the Middle States Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools.  This Accreditation validates our commitment to helping every child reach their full potential.

Our family friendly environment creates lasting connections.  Our graduates have gone on to become successful in their careers and in their lives.  Our oldest living graduate, from the class of 1935, continues to speak fondly of her years at CTK.  We know that your child will love it here too.


Christ the King School

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Christ the King School

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