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Bring the vision that you have for your backyard to life by visiting the experts at our pool and hot tub store in Clarence! Our friendly and knowledgeable experts at Gary Pools & Leisure can speak with you about your backyard, determine your needs and wants, and then find the right products to help you bring your dream backyard to life! Choose from many in-stock high-quality hot tubs and pools to begin your backyard transformation. We are committed to offering our customers the very best, which is why we carry a selection of items from world-renowned brands like Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs and Vogue Pools. You can also personalize your pool experience with our wide selection of Hayward® Pool Products. From pumps and filters to salt generators and automation controls, Hayward® Pool Products allows you to customize your pool to your unique wants and needs. If you already have a pool or hot tub, we offer comprehensive hot tub and swimming pool service to ensure that your backyard investment stays in optimal condition for years to come. Visit our pool and hot tub store in Clarence today to explore our wide selection of backyard living solutions and speak to our experts about how we can help bring your backyard paradise to life.

First established in 1808, the town of Clarence is located in the northeastern part of Erie County in New York has a rich history that helped form the backbone of early America. With a large mining industry that fuelled employment towards the end of the 19th century, Clarence became home to many a blue-collar worker looking to live the “American Dream”. Many of Clarence’s original Colonial, Victorian and Greek Revival-style homes have been beautifully preserved and continue to serve as homes for residents today. Clarence’s deep roots in America’s history helps drive tourism in the area, bringing many to view the beautiful architecture and natural landscapes that the town has to offer. This natural beauty can also be enjoyed in Clarence’s many parks and hiking trails, including Stiglmeier Park, Town of Clarence Escarpment Sanctuary, and more! With so many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, it’s no wonder why residents of Clarence take such great pride in creating their own outdoor paradises in their backyards. So, if you’re ready to create your own backyard oasis, visit the experts at Gary Pools and Leisure today!

Gary Pools and Leisure

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Gary Pools and Leisure

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