Buffalo Arts Studio

2495 Main St. Suite 500 Buffalo New York 14214
North Buffalo


Buffalo Arts Studio (BAS) was established in 1991 to provide affordable studio space and impactful exposure for visual artists while also offering arts education and meaningful arts access for the entire community. Located on Buffalo’s east side, Buffalo Arts Studio has enriched a previously underserved area through dynamic and engaging arts programming, educational opportunities, and community events.

Our Education Program offers an extensive class list designed to meet varied needs. The Jump Start program offers advanced classes, professional development, and on-going mentorship for underserved youths to create the next generation of arts leaders. Adult classes range from media exploration to professional artist development programs such as effective writing, tax preparation, and marketing.

Our Exhibitions Program presents new works by emerging and established artists that critically address contemporary issues; this includes 10-12 exhibitions in our two main galleries per year, attracting 13,000 annual visitors. In our Community Space we host special events as well as exhibit work by individual artists and partnering civic, educational, and cultural organizations.

Our 30 Studio Artists have safe, affordable work space within the 20,000 sq. foot art center. Although Studio Artists pay rent to Buffalo Arts Studio, it is far below current market value. These artists have access to curatorial support, professional development, access for thousands of visitors who view their work.

Our Special Events include Community Space exhibitions, panel discussions, guided tours, public art, on-going partnerships, and some of the best art party fundraisers around! As a result, we average over 1000 visitors per month. Together, these activities advance audience understanding of contemporary visual arts practices.

At the core of Buffalo Arts Studio is the belief in the transformative power of the arts to inspire and affect positive change. We are a community that looks to the future, consistently working to be equitable, inclusive, and engaging. Please support our important work.

5th Floor, Suite 500

Julia Bottoms: Because We Should

Mon, Sep 27
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Buffalo Arts Studio
2495 Main St. Suite 500 Buffalo, 14214

North Buffalo

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Buffalo Arts Studio

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Buffalo Arts Studio

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