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Buffalo Gal Organics

5655 Main St Williamsville New York 14221
North Towns


Buffalo Gal Organic Skincare was founded in 2010 by Chemist + Holistic Practitioner, Kasia Cummings, with a mission to provide quality, plant based skincare that is good for you inside + out. As a busy working Mom of two beautiful daughters, she started with a simple lotion to help their contact dermatitis. That little side hustle turned into a passion for bringing quality, non toxic skincare to women that wanted a better, safer option for their skin.  As a Medicinal Chemist, Kasia’s experience in formulation and R+D led her to dive deeper into the mechanism of how ingredients work in skin structure and how each part of the puzzle should fit for skincare that is effective, nutritive and non sensitizing. 

Using all natural, organic, vegan + ethically sourced ingredients, we set out to create products that are cruelty free to animals + humans alike.  Crafted in small batches, we like to call our products Intentional skincare because each part is thought out, from start to finish, and has a purpose in each and every formulation.  If it’s in our products, there is a good reason why… it’s not just filler!  We use the hashtag #thescienceofbeautiful because our mission is to take the science of creating products and pairing it with simple, actionable steps to help your skin become stronger, clearer and healthy.  If we can help just one person each day feel good about the skin that they are in and see the beauty that they truly are, then we have achieved the greatest success.

Buffalo Gal Organics

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Buffalo Gal Organics

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