Lincoln Park Nursery – Cambria

5705 Shawnee Rd Sanborn New York 14132
Niagara County


Discover the beauty of locally grown trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials, and annuals at Lincoln Park Nursery. Looking for that unusual, and unique plant? We have a vast variety of inventory to choose from. Want to do it yourself, but need some ideas? Lincoln Park has you covered with our ‘We design – You Create’ program.

Don’t need the exercise? We offer all the products and services you want delivered and installed. We can do it all, from bulk topsoil, stone & gravel, to boulders, mulches, and sand. Come to Lincoln Park Nursery for all your garden and landscape needs. With two convenient locations in Amherst and Cambria, Lincoln Park offers our customers ‘Investments that Grow’.

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Lincoln Park Nursery – Cambria

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Lincoln Park Nursery – Cambria

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