UB Anderson Gallery

1 Martha Jackson Place Buffalo New York 14214
North Buffalo


The University at Buffalo (UB) is a comprehensive, research-intensive public university dedicated to academic excellence and engagement with the regional, national and international communities we serve. UB is privileged to have two art galleries dedicated to the university’s mission for academic excellence and service to the community. Each gallery presents a year-round series of exhibitions, providing students, faculty and the broader community easy access to thought-provoking art, visiting artists and stimulating educational programs. In addition, the UB Art Galleries provides professional training for graduate and undergraduate students through internships and curatorial opportunities, and support faculty and student research.

The UB Art Gallery in the Center for the Arts has a pedagogical mission to present and interpret temporary exhibitions that examine cultural and socio-political topics informing current art practices. The Gallery also initiates programs and conferences that bring together scholars from various disciplines to discuss issues that effect cultural and social policy. The UB Art Gallery supports the creation and presentation of artworks by emerging and mid-career artists, emphasizing interpretation of this work through scholarly publications.

The mission of the UB Anderson Gallery is education, research and maintenance of the University’s permanent collection. It provides an adventuresome and accessible environment, therefore offering a rich cultural resource to the campus, scholars, regional communities and the public. The museum fulfills its educational mission by presenting exhibitions and programs in support of the curriculum, and by providing study and research opportunities. The Gallery is dedicated to collaboration between the university, cultural institutions and the community in order to enrich our educational programs.

In 2000, collector and gallery owner David K. Anderson, son of legendary New York gallerist Martha Jackson, donated the Anderson Gallery building, along with over 1,200 works of art, to UB. As home to UB’s permanent art collection, the UB Anderson Gallery is a museum that manages and exhibits the school’s visual resources and serves as a venue for scholarly exhibitions. The UB Anderson Gallery provides students with hands-on experiences in museum studies, arts administration and anthropology while offering faculty and graduate students curatorial opportunities.?

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UB Anderson Gallery

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UB Anderson Gallery

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