Queen City Canine

303 S Park Ave Suite 100 Buffalo NY 14204


We are passionate about the necessity of a positive and open dog daycare environment for today’s modern canine family members. We are avid dog enthusiasts, and could not have chosen a better career to help care for and improve the lives of dogs. Our passion in dog nutrition drives us to focus on your dogs overall health and wellness.

We are a Women-owned and led business, bringing together over a decade of collective experience and expertise in business management, sales, customer service, facility cleaning & safety, and dog handling, along with University Degrees in Communications, Public Relations and Media Studies. We have established Queen City Canine, motivated by our desire to bring a comprehensive Dog Social Club & Daycare to Buffalo that provides the highest quality of care for today’s modern canine. We are trained and organized for daily work in the dog care industry, and are committed to continuing education in all facets of canine development for ourselves and our Canine Coach Team. Delaney is a Raw Dog Food and Pet Food Certified Nutrition Specialist and is excited for her team to continue this path of training and learning with her.

We are the loving owners of two Great Danes, Friedrich and Luigi. We understand what our dogs need and deserve, and this translates into our knowledge and care for Client dogs. The value of a health and wellness daycare, with structured socialization tailored to the individual dog, is now here!

At QCC dogs are our number one priority and we love watching them build relationships with each other. That’s why our daycare is based on socialization, with our staff guiding and leading them. We keep track of all our dogs’ progress so we can keep you informed of your dog’s behavior, and operate with the highest form of authenticity and transparency. Please note: Any aggression to dogs or people is not tolerated at our daycare. Our number one priority is safety, but our number one goal is the quality of your dog’s stay.

We are incredibly motivated by our pursuit of a career in the dog care industry, and pride ourselves on always continuing our education in all facets of dog care from Dog CPR to Dog Nutrition for all members of our team, we believe this knowledge is invaluable. This benefits the dogs as well as the people, as customers can always depend on reliable, knowledgeable caretakers who enjoy and take pride in their work.

Queen City Canine

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Queen City Canine

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