189 Burger

American, Burgers, Deli-Sandwiches
189 Main St East Aurora New York 14052 • $$
South Towns
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  • Live Music
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  • Casual / Full Table Service


189 is a celebration of American tradition. Founded in 2014, this whiskey and music emporium prides itself in exploring and showcasing the finest of both art forms. Whiskey is the original American distillate and is steeped in colorful tradition. Bourbon and rye whiskies have been engrained in our country’s history and folk art since our formative days. The art of whiskey making was brought to this country by our ancestors and was not only whole-heartedly embraced but perfected by the new Americans. 189 will work to showcase not only iconic Irish and Scotch whiskies, but also American bourbon and rye, Canadian blended, Japanese whiskies and the new boom in small-batch American craft whiskies. 189 will take pride in bringing the finest musicians in the country to East Aurora. Acts will range from Americana, folk and blues, to rock and roll, jazz and country. Each artist will join in the celebration of our ancestors’ heritage and culture. Young emerging musicians and road warriors alike will each lend to the spirit and history of our artistic community and bridge the gap between the past and the future of East Aurora’s creative tradition. Through the exploration of a new era in whiskey, 189 will be able to bring the old world to a modern generation.

SOB Says: We started with a couple cocktails, eager to fulfill a recent desire to increase our knowledge on the subject. The menu lists six whiskey drinks including a Flamed Old Fashioned and a Whiskey Sour, and six options using other spirits like La Paloma and Moscow Mule. Read More->


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189 Burger

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189 Burger

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