D’Avolio on Main Street

Deli-Sandwiches, Italian, Mediterranean
535 Main St Buffalo New York 14203 • $
  • Handicap Access
  • Lunch
  • Take-out
  • Weekend Lunch
Service Types
  • Casual / Full Table Service


SOB Says about D’Avolio on Main Street: We loved D’Avolio on Main Street so much the first time we visited that we went back a second time. First of all the location downtown is absolute perfection; centrally located in the middle of the new and improved Main Street amid all the hustle and bustle of this born-again hotspot. Once you’re done taking photos of Main Street and finally step inside D’Avolio you’re instantly greeted with a wall of their olive oils and vinegars lined up for your sampling pleasure. And they let you walk right up and sample them. As much as you want. As many as you want. With super fluffy Italian bread. Try to practice some self-control because their choose-your-own-adventure menu gives you the options of a salad, antipasto, sandwich, or pizza base and then mixing and matching any (or all, YOLO) of their offerings to create your one-of-a-kind dream meal. Drooling yet? Read More->

Featuring a wide variety of culinary oils and vinegars from around the world! Come in and sample the 23 different flavors of oils and 23 different flavors of vinegars! 5 Location with oils and vinegars.

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D’Avolio on Main Street

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D’Avolio on Main Street

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