Fat Sal’s Pub and Eatery

American, Pub Food
11986 Main Street, Newstead Town Village of Akron New York 14001 • $$
North Towns
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  • Late Night
  • Lunch
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Fat Sal’s is an American bar and grill specializing in Burgers and ‘logs’. Other than the wings and fingers, everything is home made. We offer the best, most mouth watering 10oz burgers around using fresh never frozen 73/27 ground beef. We have 8 different burgers to choose from, everything from a cheeseburger to a rodeo burger and even a French onion soup burger that will melt in your mouth. As delicious as our burgers are, they are not the house specialty. The House specialty and possibly the chicken wing of the 21 century is our own creation.

Fat Sal‘s is proud to introduce to Buffalo ‘The Buffalo Log’. What is a Buffalo Log you ask??? A Buffalo log is Fat Sal‘s version of an Egg Roll. We hand roll each one right here in house, deep fry them and serve them 4 to an order. We even offer split orders so you can try a couple different ones at the same time. We have 15 different variety’s to choose from (right now) and many more to come. We have everything from a Rueben Log a Philly Cheesesteak Log a Sausage, Peppers and Onion log to a Chicken Wing Log, a White Pizza Log and even a Fried Bologna and Onion Log. Each one comes with its own unique dipping sauce Buffalo Logs are a must try for anyone craving something a little different.

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Fat Sal’s Pub and Eatery

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Fat Sal’s Pub and Eatery

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