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Local Grille @ The Dome

American, Burgers
8230 Wehrle Dr Harris Hill New York 14221 • $$
North Towns
  • Brunch
  • Family Friendly
  • Patio
  • Bar Area
  • Brunch
  • Happy Hour
  • Lunch
  • Private Parties
  • Reservations
  • Take-out
Service Types
  • Casual / Full Table Service
  • Bar



Local Grille @ The Dome says:

Local Grille is a year-round restaurant located at The Dome Complex, which is an indoor golf and entertainment facility in Williamsville, NY. We offer the perfect place to a casual nite to eat. We Serve lunch(seasonally), dinner, and Sunday Brunch. Come and visit our restaurant to eat, drink and relax on our 72 seat patio.

Banquet Room and Large Patio available for private parties.
Drop off and full service catering 7 days a week 24 hours a day breakfast, lunch, dinner and Cocktail Parties

Here at Local Grille, we strive to live up to our name every day. Our mission is to use all of the resources we can from our hometown of Buffalo. We use locally sourced products from Johnny’s Meats on Hertel Avenue, Gondola Macaroni on Niagara Street, Rootie’s Blue Cheese, and Sloan Super Market in Sloan, NY. By doing this we are able to make our dishes fresh in-house, so you’ll never have to worry about us using frozen, packaged goods. The same goes for our beers! Our beer selection is full of local beers crafted in breweries within a 30 mile radius. Trust us; we’re proud to serve these delicious brews.

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Local Grille @ The Dome

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Local Grille @ The Dome

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