Misuta Chow’s

Asian, Japanese-Sushi
521 Main St Buffalo New York 14203 • $$
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  • Happy Hour
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  • Patio
  • Take-out
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  • Casual / Full Table Service
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MISUTA CHOW’S IS FINALLY HERE $ IT’S EVERYTHING WE HOPED IT WOULD BE – ‘I think there’s going to be a bunch of ‘wow’ moments all throughout the place,’ Chow said. ‘I want somebody to walk away from here being like, ‘Oh my god, wait, did we just go for dinner? Did we just go for drinks? Or did we just go to another place in another part of time maybe.” Read More

A Word from Misuta Chow’s

Mistua Chow’s brings a fresh vision to the Buffalo dining and nightlife scene. A worldly experience that taps into the international pulse of the next generation of culinary and bar culture. Misuta Chow’s will be the first restaurant and bar establishment in Buffalo highlighting the 80s pop culture and classic arcade games with a Tokyo City themed decor and Japanese Street Food.

Our crew of experienced and world traveled restauranteurs, artists and designers will recreate Tokyo City and the consumer will feel as if they have been transported into a different world. From arcade games to murals, neon lighting and Japanese lanterns Misuta Chow’s is sure to be the next trend setting brand to launch in Western New York.

Misuta Chow’s will offer custom bento boxes available for restaurant dining, to-go or delivery. Bento combination choices will consist of organic vegetables, egg, rice, noodles and dumplings; bahn mi sandwiches with braised or poached proteins and vegetables; steamer baskets with nikoman dumplings, pot stickers and edamame; custom built lettuce wraps with a variety of protein and vegetable combinations to choose from. All locally sourced, organic and hormone free when possible.

The bar menu will include up to 16 draft beers, classic cocktails, extensive whisky, bourbon, sake and shochu selections as well as sake infused specialty drinks. Retro sodas such as Orange Crush, Dr. Pepper, TaB, and Original NY Seltzer will be available.

Some of the classic arcade games you will find inside are Pac- Man, Space Invaders, Rampage, Donkey Kong and Centipede. Misuta Chow’s will also have a state of the art game room that offers ski ball and pinball machines.

A Gong Show

Thu, August 19 • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Misuta Chows
521 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14203


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Misuta Chow’s

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Misuta Chow’s

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