Moor Pat Bar & Grill

Beer Bar/Hall, American, Pub Food
78 E. Spring St. Williamsville New York 14221 • $
North Towns
  • Bar Area
  • Happy Hour
  • Late Night
  • Patio
  • Weekend Lunch
  • Good for Beer Lovers
Service Types
  • Casual / Full Table Service
  • Bar


SOB Says About Moor Pat
If you’re a beer fan, a sausage fan, and/or a French fry fan you’ll enjoy Moor Pat. Much like its close cousin Allen Burger Venture, Moor Pat goes above and beyond when it comes to each item it specializes in – which is what makes it a unanimous favorite. Moor Pat is unlike anything anyone has seen/tasted in this neck of the woods before, so if you’re in the Northtowns or looking for a place that’s out of the ordinary this is probably your best bet. Read More->

The Moor Pet Bar $ Grill has a cozy feel with lots of rich wood, tidy lighting, and exposed original wood and beams – reminiscent of the Angel Inn at Niagara-on-the-Lake. In keeping with the crafted ambiance Moor Pat has a custom made tap tower and tap handles. The beer plan is to rotate the draft and bottle list of American Micros and European imported beers – twenty drafts and 20 bottles. These will include styles such as IPA’s, Imperial IPA’s, stouts, porters, saisons, Belgian Ales, Danish and Germans.

The tempting, albeit limited, food menu consists of artisan sausages from Spar’s European Sausages Shop and hand cut french fries with dipping sauces.






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Moor Pat Bar & Grill

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Moor Pat Bar & Grill

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