Romeo & Juliet’s Cafe – Williamsville

Bakery, Buffalo Food, Deli-Sandwiches, Italian, Pizza
5199 Sheridan Drive Williamsville New York 14221 • $$
North Towns
  • Lunch
  • Patio
  • Take-out
Service Types
  • Casual / Full Table Service


Romeo and Juliet s Cafe brings the culture and exquisite tastes of Italy to Buffalo. Ever since we opened in 1998, we have offered a variety of freshly baked goods, such as Italian cookies, cannoli, pizza, focaccia panini, breads, wine, and much much more! Not only the experienced owner and managers of the restaurant are Italian nationals from cities like Brindisi, Milan, Rome and Florence,(who have also trained in authentic Italian bakeries and restaurants from across Italy) but the majority of our staff are 2nd and 3rd generation Italian . We spare no cost in acquiring the best products and ingredients for our kitchen, even importing many items from Italy itself. After you taste our food, it will be no wonder that we have customers who come from far and wide in order to enjoy our genuine Italian cuisine.

We have created our menu in the hope of appealing to a variety of tastes. You will find heart healthy choices as well as special entrees, which change daily. In addition, you may order Italian antipasto, salads, soups, pizza, panini, and do not forget to leave room for dolci,(dessert)! Whether you want to eat in our intimate Cafe inspired dinning room or take out to have at home, we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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Romeo & Juliet’s Cafe – Williamsville

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Romeo & Juliet’s Cafe – Williamsville






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