Royal Family Restaurant

1320 Sheridan Dr Buffalo New York 14217 • $$
North Buffalo


We are a Greek Restaurant serving Kenmore and all the surrounding areas. It does not matter if you are by yourself or if you have a large party. Haralambos Papavramidis, known as Bob to everyone, has been in business and owner of the Royal Family Restaurant since 1987 over 30 years. Prior to 1987, it was a little truck stop known as Brinsons known for their milkshakes, hot dogs and curly q fries. In 1987, Bob bought Brinsons to fulfill his dream of owning a restaurant naming it Royal Family Restaurant. Business was so good that in 1992, he added an addition and remodeled the entire restaurant. In 2004, Bob remodeled the restaurant for a third time. A patio was also added for those who just love to sit outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather along with a side room for bigger parties. The restaurant does not look like any diner. The decor makes you feel like you are right in Greece with pillars, Greek murals and pictures and a beautiful waterfall. We thank everyone for supporting a locally owned and operated restaurant. We could not do this without the support from our ROYAL family.

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Royal Family Restaurant

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Royal Family Restaurant

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