Scallywags Grub & Spirits

American, Buffalo Food, Burgers, Deli-Sandwiches
6558 Old Lake Shore Rd Derby New York 14047 • $$
South Towns
  • Bar Area
  • Happy Hour
  • Late Night
Service Types
  • Casual / Full Table Service


A Word from Scallywags Grub $ Spirits

Scallywags Grub $ Spirits is the home of Buffalo’s best traditional American Fare, with an outstanding selection of wings like no other. They offer a daily fish fry, salads, specialty sandwiches and delicious burgers. Perfect for an intimate dinner, a family meal or banquet.

Scallywags boasts a fully stocked bar to quench every buccaneer’s thirst with local craft beers, wine, and, distinctive cocktails and martinis.

Located just minutes from Buffalo, in Derby, New York, this nautically themed pub is quite the hidden gem – you might even find yourself dining under a shark!

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Scallywags Grub & Spirits

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Scallywags Grub & Spirits

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