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It’s a place where you can go with family, friends or even alone. You come in to our cozy cafe, choose from a large selection of board and card games and play while you eat, drink and spend time with family and friends. The Boardroom serves coffee, tea, soft drinks, sandwiches, soups and dessert. Craft beers and wines from local breweries will be offered soon.

For a $5 fee (children under 13 are free) you will have access to a huge selection of board games from the library which will include old favorites like Sorry and Monopoly to new favorites like Cards Against Humanity and Catan.

The concept of board game cafe’s is not new but it is new to this area. I first learned about board game cafes from my son when he visited The Rook $ Pawn in Athens Georgia. He, his fiance and friends are now frequent visitors.

I’d love for you to step into the Boardroom and feel as comfortable as you would at your kitchen table with friends and family. If you prefer to come in just for a bite to eat or to have a drink you can take a seat at the bar and play cards or try a few brainteaser puzzles. You can also sit at the jigsaw-puzzle table and work on our next wall decoration.

All food will be ‘game friendly’, sandwiches, wraps, dips, desserts and snack bowls.

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CLOSED: The Boardroom

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CLOSED: The Boardroom

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