The Sterling (Tap & Wurst)

American, Buffalo Food, Burgers, Deli-Sandwiches, Polish
1487 Hertel Ave Buffalo New York 14216 • $$
North Buffalo
  • Dog-Friendly Patio
  • Patio
  • Bar Area
  • Happy Hour
  • Late Night
  • Live Music
  • Patio
  • Weekend Lunch
Service Types
  • Casual / Full Table Service


SOB Says About Sterling Tap $ Wurst: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we love Gastropubs. They let restaurants hone in on a few particular items and do them well, and Sterling Tap $ Wurst has their sausage and beer game on lock. The menu consists of familiar words like ‘burgers’ and ‘sausage’ but then throws you a curveball by prefacing them with ‘elk’ and ‘duck’. As one of the only gastropubs in the area, Sterling Tap $ Wurst satiates the people’s need for authentic, tasty brats and a wide variety of beers (and hard ciders <3). The laidback atmosphere is refreshing, but expect that to be reflected in all aspects of your experience including the service. The whole space feels large and airy, and the newly remodeled patio, indoor tables, and bar all provide a great seating whether you’re looking to grab a drink or a whole meal. Read More->

​Considered one of Buffalo’s 1st Craft Beer bar, having opened its doors in 1988. The Sterling Tavern as it was once called boasted a bevy of beers for back in day, including Spaten, Donneybrook, and Great Lakes. It was also famous for it’s BURGERS.

In 2014 The Sterling Tavern (Tap $ Wurst) was purchased by Blue Monk owner Kevin Brinkworth and re-opended as The Sterling (Tap $ Wurst) in July 2015. Piggybacking on the success of Blue Monk, The Sterling under went a complete renovation, installing all new taps.

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The Sterling (Tap & Wurst)

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The Sterling (Tap & Wurst)

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