ZJ’s Family Restaurant

Diner, American
140 Pine St Hamburg New York 14075 • $
South Towns
  • Breakfast
  • Family Friendly
  • Take-out
  • Weekend Lunch
  • Handicap Access
Service Types
  • Casual / Full Table Service


ZJ’s Family Restaurant in Hamburg brings the best elements of a classic Americana diner to the forefront: Delicious home-cooked recipes, affordable prices and a down-to-earth staff whose friendly personalities make customers feel like family. It’s the kind of place that if you frequent enough, you’ll probably get to know the owners, Hamburg residents Siegfried ‘Zig’ Wendt and Jeff Waryk, in addition to any of their multiple relatives and longtime employees bustling around the restaurant.

This close-knit crew is well-known for serving up some of the best breakfast in town, featuring daily specials like crab cakes and eggs Benedict in addition to their expansive menu of early-morning favorites like Belgian waffles, pancakes, omelets, breakfast sandwiches, French toast, corned beef hash, steak and eggs and more. And with gluten-free options and prices under $10, even the pickiest eater or the most budget-conscious can still enjoy a great meal. The blend of affordability and variety extends throughout their lunch and dinner menu as well, with apps, burgers, sandwiches, melts, quesadillas, pasta, souvlaki, seafood and specialty dishes meant to satisfy everyone from picky children who will only eat Sahlen’s hot dogs ($1.99) or grilled cheese ($3.49) or an old timer looking for some traditional liver and onions or homemade meatloaf (both $9.99). No matter what you choose, odds are, you’re going to love it.

ZJ’s also does catering for a variety of businesses and customers all over town — they once served at the Buffalo Zoo — and since they’re open every day except Christmas, it’s pretty simple to book with them to fit your schedule, especially during the busy holiday season. And who wouldn’t love breakfast for dinner?

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ZJ’s Family Restaurant

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ZJ’s Family Restaurant

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