Spruce Ridge Golf Course

Spruce Ridge Golf course is a family owned, 9-hole, public course quietly nestled 1,500 feet in from Genesee road in the town of Arcade, NY. The course lives on 200 acres of gently rolling hillside. Our 3,131 yard course includes rolling fairways surrounded by native...

Battistoni Golf

Battistoni Golf is dedicated to providing Western New York with world class golf instruction, an indoor practice facility to work on your game year round, and Trackman Golf simulators to play and practice with your friends and family.

Golf Dojo

At GolfDojo, golfers have access to fully-enclosed suites powered by TrackMan. GolfDojo allows you to choose your golf experience in a comfortable and focused environment—rain or shine, day or night. GolfDojo was created for your space, your time, and your...

Brighton Park Golf Club

Established in 1962, the Brighton Park Golf Club has an annual membership that fluctuates between 175 and 300 members annually. The Club is a social organization open to any men ages 18 and up, welcoming any residents of Western New York.

Tees and Taps

Our goal is to help you create unforgettable experiences with friends and family. Experience a unique way to unwind, gather with friends, and even hit some golf balls.  We offer a unique, high end food and drink menu in our brand new lounge area   More from Step...

Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome

The Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome is another exciting Town facility operated by the Youth, Parks and Recreation Department. We have 48 tee stations to hit balls with your driver down to a sand wedge. The 3,500 square foot putting and chipping green will help improve...

Brighton Park Driving Range

The Brighton Park Driving Range, adjacent to Brighton Golf Course and the Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome, offers 30 tee stations. Ideal for practice or warm-up before your round of golf.


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