Get Buy-one-get-one Darien Lake Tickets, Play Hooky, Live Your Best Life

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Photo x Taylor Griffith
Photo x Taylor Griffith

Summer in WNY and Darien Lake Theme Park. Name a more iconic duo…we’ll wait.

Darien Lake Theme Park and Pepsi are teaming up to make this a summer of truly epic proportions! From now through June 25, enjoy Buy-one-get-one tickets to Darien Lake when you redeem the code found on your Pepsi can online or present your can at the Main Gate. We’re talking 2 tickets for the price of 1, people!

Ready to hit the park? From coasters to waterslides and everything in between, we’re breaking down 3 Must-See Stops at Darien Lake Theme Park!


#1. The Coasters

Darien Lake Theme Park is the Coaster Capital of New York and it shows from the moment you walk through the Main Gate. Heck, it shows before you even pull into the park! When you’re approaching Darien Lake and the top of the Superman peeks through the trees you just know you’re in for an awesome day. Think you can take on all the coasters in one visit? We double dog dare ya! Pro Tip: Start with the Viper for a warm-up and hit the Mind Eraser next. From there, you’ll be ready for pretty much anything! Might want to wait a few minutes before chowing down though…


Photo x Taylor Griffith
Photo x Taylor Griffith


#2. The Food

Stop and smell the chicken wings! Did you know Anchor Bar is on hand at Darien Lake serving up your favorite wings plus a few menu items you’ll only find at Darien Lake Theme Park? We went for the Loaded Buffalo Fries and hot wings and it was just the mid-day fuel we needed. Snag a seat outside on the patio to get up close and personal with the “flyers” on Redhawk! Wings aren’t exactly your thing? No prob! Darien Lake offers tons of food options from a sit down Italian restaurant to ice cream on the go which means there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Photo x Taylor Griffith
Photo x Taylor Griffith


#3. Speaking of Redhawk…

We considered ourselves to be dare devils. Bring on the height, we said. Bring on the speed! When we had the chance to take on the Redhawk we strolled onto the platform feeling READY to take it ON. We linked arms and began to ascend to a height that I was not quite prepared for and that’s where things get a bit blurry. What can I say? We were climbing really, really high. Then came the countdown from a now-tiny human below “Flyers ready? 3…2…1…FLY” and just like that we were soaring through the sky from a 180-foot drop, racing toward the ground at 60mph feeling like we had just taken on the world and totally WON. #worthit. Even if you don’t “fly” know this: the Redhawk provides some of the best people-watching in the park because, let’s face it, watching others fly through the air in sheer terror just never gets old!

Note: Both the Redhawk and the Slingshot are added charge attractions. More information here.  

So what are you waiting for?! Grab a Pepsi and hit the park…BOGO style! #DLSummer2k17 #PepsiAtDarienLake

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