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Written by Francesca Bond

Published on July 14, 2017

Drumroll please…. the moment we’ve all been waiting for…. Churn Soft Serve opens this weekend.
Churn, sister brand of Buffalo favorite Lloyd Taco Trucks/Factory, graces Hertel Ave with another super legit ice cream shop. Churn offers exclusively soft serve options with a menu full of unique, creative flavors and sundaes that you’re going to want to get your hands (and mouths) on immediately. (And let’s face it- probably will).

Since Churn is right next to Lloyd, you can eat a burrito there and head over to Churn for dessert. Or do it in reverse, because YOLO. Not only does Churn serve ice cream, but they’ll also be opening up in the morning to serve coffee as well, with different espresso drinks.

Michele Ferrero (aka The Billionaire) – Vanilla soft serve, chocolate dip, roasted hazlenuts, nutella, golden pearls

Churn makes all of their ice cream from scratch using grass-fed cows and minimal processing, so you don’t have to feel too guilty for eating a few extra cals. And the flavor choices… they’re bomb.
Churn Soft Serve Menu:

  • Sundae Funday
    • Shortie Cake- Vanilla soft serve, lemon shortcake, meringue, seasonal compote, fresh fruit
    • Jiro Dreams of Ice Cream – Green tea soft serve, strawberries, coconut jelly, red bean, kuromitsu
    • Unbirthday – Choice of soft serve, mini confetti cupcake, macaron
  • Churned Up (FYI these are like a blizzard style treat, all mixed up and spoonable)
    • Cookie Monsta – Vanilla soft serve + 3 kinds of cookies
    • Rocky Road Trip – Chocolate soft serve, coffee marshmallow, candied almonds, chocolate sauce
    • The Samoan – Coconut soft serve, toasted coconut, shortbread, chocolate chips, caramel sauce
    • Mint Condition – Vanilla soft serve, cocoa crumbles, chocolate shards, fresh mint
    • Secret of the week – Ask your soft serve specialist, when we visited for a media preview it was Carrot Cake (!!!)

  • Curated Cones (these are like a sundae… in a cone)
    • Michele Ferrero (aka The Billionaire) – Vanilla soft serve, chocolate dip, roasted hazlenuts, nutella, golden pearls
    • Gramma Angie – Vanilla soft serve, oatmeal raisin cookie crumble, chocolate chips, cream cheese frosting
    • De la Lloyd – Chocolate soft serve, aztec brownie, oreo crumbs, cocoa nibs, spice dust
    • Take 6 – Chocolate soft serve, toffee, salty peanuts, pretzel bits, caramel sauce
    • Technicolor Toucan – Coconut soft serve, crushed fancy fruit loops, shaved coconut, lime zest

Churn officially opens Saturday at 8 am, ice cream served at 11am… sundaes for breakfast? We’re down.


Where: 1501 Hertel Ave, Buffalo

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Francesca Bond</a>

Written by Francesca Bond

Francesca was a Step Out Buffalo intern in 2017.
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