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Written by Maria Held

Published on September 8, 2014
Deathtrap begins Sept. 12

Deathtrap begins Sept. 12

2014-2015 Season Opens September 12th

Just beyond three sets of glass-plated doors wafts the recognizable scent of the movies.  Buttered popcorn, boxed candy and a soda fountain lead the way past the box office to a crossroads.  Which way to go? The right leads to the typical comforts of the cinema, but the left is a path far more interesting.  Lets Step Out Buffalo, across well-worn carpet to the Road Less Traveled Theatre for an experience unlike any other found beyond movie-theatre doors.

Road Less Traveled Theater

The Road Less Traveled Theatre has become a significant part of the Buffalo Theatre district off Main Street.  Scott Behrend, founder and current Artistic/ Executive Director recently provided this writer with a one-on-one interview about where he’s been and where he’s going next with RLTP.  With his help I present to you, 5 reasons you should visit Market Arcade- not for the films, but for the theatre.

1-Because Everyone Loves An Underdog– You might not know it upon seeing his long resume and success but a young Scott Behrend once had a difficult time gaining acceptance into a directing program.  He was told he lacked experience, so to cultivate some… he started his own theatre company.  This “never say die” attitude is reason enough to trade your hard-earned dollars for an RLTP theatre experience.  Over the course of twelve years RLTP has evolved from a mere concept to a “Gypsy Theatre Company,” then moving to Market Arcade after negotiating and gutting an old movie theatre.   Come visit Scott at RLTP and see what great success his hard work (and the work of his team) has yielded.

2-Shows Unlike Anything You Have Seen– RLTP presents shows that no other theatre even attempts.  This upcoming season “has something for everyone” in the RLTP audience which according to Scott Behrend, “ is a wide mix of ages, diversities, and ethnicities.”  Last season brought 2012: End of the Road, an apocalyptic play set on Buffalo’s I-90.  This season brings the 2013 sequel, which is sure to provide more timeless themes and concerns with Buffalo as a backdrop.  “Most Recently, RLTP has dedicated itself to consistently presenting theatre that is a more accurate reflection of WNY’s broad multi-cultural composition.”  If you’re a proud Buffalonian, come see some original Buffalo-centric Theatre unlike anything elsewhere.

3- Because, “It’s interesting to have theatre showing next to The Avengers”– Scott thinks this is interesting and I do too.  Where else can you see a matinee of the latest superhero flick or “rom com” followed up by a Buffalo Premiere by Jon Elston’s (RLTP Artist In Residence) latest masterwork?

4- World/ Buffalo Premieres– This year Curtain Up begins with Death Trap, the longest running murder mystery on Broadway.  This holiday season will bring the Buffalo premiere of The Santa Land Diaries, which is based on a seasonal NPR radio program.  Mr. Behrend is certain that, “if you like smart and funny, you’ll dig it.”  Next up will be another premiere, A Public Reading of a Screenplay About The Death of Walt Disney (Spoiler Alert- Walt wasn’t a very nice man).  The season is wrapped up with, After America: Wasteland 2013, an apocalyptic “religious mystery play” and Water by the Spoonful, a 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner- both Buffalo premieres.  In twelve years of existence- RLTP has produced 24 World Premiere works- impressive theatre happening right here in good ol’ Buffalo.

5- A Hometown Connection– When you attend an RLTP show, you’re supporting a Buffalo staple that in turn supports Buffalo!  (Did you follow that?)  Every dollar given to RLTP filters back into future programming.  RLTP also sponsors the “Emanuel Fried New Play Workshop” (NPW), which looks to develop local writers in their work and helps to produce local plays once they reach maturity.  Such has been the case for fourteen local works of local playwrights created through RLTP’s New Play Workshop.  Come see new works before they head to New York and watch new talent develop and flourish right here in Buffalo.

Many thanks to my good friend Scott Behrend for his interview! To learn more about RLTP shows and programs or for ticket inquires please visit:


2014-2015 Season Lineup:

Deathtrap by Ira Levin – Directed by Scott Behrend, Sept. 12th, 2014 – Oct. 12th, 2014

The Santaland Diaries* by David Sedaris & Joe Mantello – Directed by Doug Weyand, Dec. 4th, 2014 – Dec. 14th, 2014

A Public Reading Of An Unproduced Screenplay About the Death of Walt Disney by Lucas Hnath – Directed by Katie Mallinson, Jan. 23rd, 2015 – Feb. 15th, 2015

After America: Wasteland 2015  by Jon Elston – Directed by Scott Behrend, March 13th, 2015 – April 4th, 2015

Water by the Spoonful by Quiara Alegria Huedes – Directed by Scott Behrend, May 1st, 2015 – May 24th, 2015

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Maria Held</a>

Written by Maria Held

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