Buffalo Business Announces Re-brand, Expansion

Posted on May 6, 2021
Renewal Claims Solutions



NARD by Urban Valet, a textile restoration vendor for fire & water claims, is rebranding to Renewal Claim Solutions of Upstate New York & Greater New England. The shift comes after 20+ years in the restoration industry and is in response to the growing need for specialty restoration services.

Renewal’s President, Eric Pyne, thinks the new name is a much better representation of the business overall. “We’re really pleased with the Renewal Claim Solutions rebrand. The look is fresh and clean and we’re in the business of renewing – so it’s perfect,” says Pyne.

Originally the textile restoration department started as a division of Urban Valet Cleaners, Inc. Years later, Urban joined the North American Restoration Dry Cleaners (NARD) franchise, serving WNY and Northern PA. Now, as Renewal Claim Solutions of Upstate NY & Greater New England, they’ve added additional services and more than doubled their coverage area.

The newest service to be added is electronics restoration. Renewal’s staff completed an extensive training course and received certification in order to restore computers, TV’s, appliances and more. “Our specialty will continue to be textiles but our offering has expanded to include electronics and art restoration as well,” states Pyne. “These are contents that our mitigation company partners generally don’t handle themselves, but that families and insurance carriers need restored after a smoke or water event.”

While changing to a new name and logo is a large undertaking, Pyne plans to be completely transitioned soon. “We expect to have the rebranding of all of our material – print, digital, signage and van rewraps – complete within the next 14 days,” notes Pyne.

About Renewal Claim Solutions of Upstate NY & Greater New England:

Renewal offers specialty restoration services after fire, water, mold or debris contamination including textile & tech remediation, as well as non-restorable inventory. Renewal works hand in hand with insurance carriers, claims adjusters and fellow vendors to ensure each policyholder is well taken care of. With locations in Buffalo & Albany NY, Renewal covers much of the North East including NY, PA, VT, NH & MA. For more information, visit www.renewalofneast.com.

    Buffalo Business Announces Re-brand, Expansion

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    Buffalo Business Announces Re-brand, Expansion

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