Buffalo Will See It Through Poster

HOPE FOR 2021. As we start this new year, hope is in the air. The two vaccines against coronavirus which were approved are now being distributed; the first people are getting their shots. After experiencing a huge surge in cases starting after Thanksgiving, Western New York has – finally – seen a decline in new COVID infections (as of January 18th). But we’re still facing an uphill battle.

HELP FOR OUR COMMUNITY. The second surge of coronavirus infections has caused NYS to designated most of WNY as “yellow” and “orange” zones. We’re still facing uncertain times: Many people in our community are unemployed, face losing their homes, or cannot afford food for their families. Ever since this dreadful COVID-19 turned life upside down and inside out, Katharine Smith, owner of White Rabbit Design, had searched for a way to help, especially for our most vulnerable people in WNY.

BUFFALO WILL SEE IT THROUGH. In 2017, to commemorate the United States entering World War One, Katharine created a graphic based on the Liberty Bond poster that was used during bond drives in Buffalo in WWI. And it seemed to her an appropriate icon for this “war” against coronavirus.

FEEDMORE WNY. For each poster sold she’s donating 20% of the proceeds to the FeedMore WNY COVID Relief Fund, which supplies homeless shelters, mobile food pantries, and soup kitchens, as well as Meals on Wheels.

CITY OF GOOD NEIGHBORS. You can uplift our Buffalo spirit and evoke the City of Good Neighbors by displaying your “Buffalo Will See It Through” poster. Please help those who need it the most here in WNY.

FREE SHIPPING. Each poster comes with two free coloring sheets, all shipping is free, and for each poster bought, a donation is made to FeedMore WNY.

White Rabbit Design
173 Audubon Dr Snyder NY 14226

Buffalo Will See It Through Poster

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Buffalo Will See It Through Poster



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