Explore and More Unveils the Brand-New Car Wash Exhibit

Posted on Mar 23, 2021
Explore and More
130 Main Street. Buffalo NY 14202


Explore & More – The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Children’s Museum is thrilled to announce the opening of the brand-new Car Wash exhibit, presented by Delta Sonic.
This exhibit has been planned, designed, and developed over the past twelve months and is the first and ONLY one of its kind. This immersive exhibit will engage children by taking them through the wash, rinse, and dry phases of a car wash. From liquid floors to a vacuum wall and a heat-activated color-changing vehicle, children will be able to play with every aspect of the exhibit. Additionally, the car wash is accessible to everyone.
The partnership between Delta Sonic and Explore & More has been years in the making. Not only has Delta Sonic’s two-million-dollar pledge allowed the museum to innovate a completely unique exhibit, but their on-going support will be critical to the museum’s viability for years to come.
Michelle Urbanczyk, Chief Executive Officer of Explore & More states, “Delta Sonic’s commitment to the region aligns with our mission to be about all things Western New York. We wanted to continue creating unique play spaces for our community and are excited at how engaging and fun this exhibit is for both children and adults!”
Kim Allen, Marketing Director of Delta Sonic states, “Explore & More has created something special for Western New York and we wanted to be a part of it. Children of all ages love seeing the bubbles and lights when they go through the car wash. Now, with our world-class, interactive exhibit, they can enjoy the car wash in a whole new way.”

Explore and More Unveils the Brand-New Car Wash Exhibit

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Explore and More Unveils the Brand-New Car Wash Exhibit

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