Local Women Owned Businesses Collaborate to Release a New Spring Product Line

Posted on Apr 23, 2021



Women Owned Businesses Collaborate to Release a New Spring Product Line
Rise Up: The Roots Revival Box

A collaborative group of 9 Western New York women owned businesses, with a focus on
earth-based business models and thoughtful consumption, have come together to create the
NEW Spring product line, Rise Up: The Roots Revival Box. Each box is an eco-conscious,
sustainably packaged collection of products designed to bring awareness of how things are
made and sourced to raise awareness of the importance of conscious consumerism and
contains a product specific to each involved entity. The concept highlights our fragile ecosystem
and was formed around the idea of fresh beginnings and putting down new, more healthy roots,
timed with Springtime revival.

Each Roots Revival Box includes earth-friendly products such as fresh local lavender plants
from Wild Blossom Hollow, organic goats’ milk soap from Alpine Made, local honey from
Hahn’s Honeybee Haven, and a collection of seeds and pollinators from Masterson’s Garden.
Local artists have included fine art highlighting subjects and materials from nature.

“I’ve always believed in the power of community and collaboration, especially when working with
creative businesses and in the arts – it’s vital. But watching the last year unfold and how the
circles of people we rely on really rallied and drew together and made it work so their dreams
were protected was fierce, and I wanted to try to pull together something that would bring how
important these women-centric businesses and sustainable small business models are – not just
to us but to ALL the communities we’re a part of, including our natural communities and the
eco-systems – into focus.” – says Tami Fuller, of Blubird Studio in East Aurora, who had the
idea for the collaboration.

“When an opportunity arises to collaborate with other women, I will always jump at it. It’s so
important we support one another. This product wraps everything that Borderland Festival
represents on a sustainability level into one beautiful, sweet scented package and we are so
excited to be a part of the synergy and the message. ~ Jennifer Brazill, Owner of Borderland

The boxes cost $100 and include 9 product items from each business. They are available for
pre-order from 4/22 until 5/12 at https://www.oneblubirdstudio.com. Purchased Roots Revival
Boxes can be picked up on May 16th, 1-4pm at 21 Elm Street, East Aurora where Let’s Goat
Buffalo and Hahn’s Honeybees will be on site offering patrons a chance to meet and greet the
sponsored goats. Learn all about the work they do in the community and additional events
leading up to Borderland 2021 which will show real ways to be a part of efforts to support these

Ten percent of the proceeds from sales of the Roots Revival Box will be donated to Buffalo
Niagara Waterkeepers, to help support the work they do to preserve and protect our local water
tables, a critical piece of environmental work right here in WNY.

Rise Up: The Roots Revival Box
● Alpine Made: Bar of Organic Lavender Oatmeal Goat’s Milk Soap
● Beekeepers Garden: 1 8-oz jar of Raw Local Honey
● Blubird Studio – Plant-Dyed Reclaimed Linen Furoshiki Wrap
● Borderland Music + Arts Festival – commemorative stainless steel festival cup
filled with local wildflowers.
● Hahn’s Honeybee Haven: Beeswax Tapers made from reclaimed rescued hives
● Jenny Licata: Original 5×7 line drawing of Bloodroot, an endangered native, on
handmade seed paper
● Let’s Goat Buffalo: Entry Level H.E.R.D Sponsorship & Pan charm bracelet
● Masterson’s – Plant your own pollinators garden seed mixture of bee-friendly
● Wild Blossom Hollow: 1 live Lavender in a compostable pot
Rise Up, and Give Green a Chance!
For a more detailed description of each product and to pre-order, visit

    Local Women Owned Businesses Collaborate to Release a New Spring Product Line

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    Local Women Owned Businesses Collaborate to Release a New Spring Product Line

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