Nala’s Puppy Shower

You’re invited! We are working with 7 Hearts Maternity Rescue to bring a special dog, Nala, a special puppy shower. 7 Hearts Maternity Rescue provides pregnant dogs, newly whelped litters, and orphaned pups a safe place to go, away from the stress and dangers of euthanasia and disease that they are vulnerable to at shelters. They are dedicated to helping to control the pet population through public education, spaying & neutering. They search and find safe, loving, permanent homes for all of their rescued dogs and we’re happy to be collaborating on Nala’s Puppy Shower!

Nala was left behind with another dog by her family down south. She is a young mom (under 2 years). The babies were born December 3. The first puppy (Link) was a tough delivery as he was large and backwards. Nala is a great mom and very attentive to her babies. She had 5 pups, 4 boys and 1 girl. Every dog deserves a puppy shower! Please join us in celebrating Nala and her puppies!

Here is their puppy shower wish list:

When purchasing any items for Nala online from Clyde’s, please include in the order notes the items are for Nala’s shower and have them shipped to Clyde’s Hamburg location or bring them in-store. Thank you for taking part in the great community event with us!

Clyde's Feed & Animal Center
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Nala’s Puppy Shower

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Nala’s Puppy Shower



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