Surround Yourself In Healing Vibrations

Posted on Oct 2, 2022
Ambient Sound Healing
10255 Main St Clarence ny 14031
North Towns


For the month of October, Ambient Sound is including free use of the vibroacoustic biomat during any one-on-one soundbath and personal appointment.

30-Minute: $40.00

60 Minutes: $50.00

90-minutes: $75.00

Allow the crystal singing bowls to take you on a sacred journey as you rest wrapped in healing vibrations. During the sound bath the vibroacoustic sound bed will be set to silent, but you will still feel its low frequency vibrations.

In this session you will experience:

-Vibrational sound healing from crystal singing bowls and the vibroacoustic sound bed. The vibroacoustic sound bed delivers a frequency massage that you can physically feel.

-Brainwave Entrainment to slow down the brainwaves into low alpha/theta

– Soft, ambient lighting

-Complementary aromatherapy upon request

*Ambient Sound Healing offers multiple different services. Many of these services include the vibroacoustic biomat, such as complete chakra balance, vibroacoustic sound healing with energy field tuning, and theta manifestation. For a full list of our services, please visit

I also do have a private treatment room, where you can rest on the massage table on top of the vibroacoustic mat instead of the floor.

Surround Yourself In Healing Vibrations

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Surround Yourself In Healing Vibrations

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