Weekend Self Guided Ghost Hunts At Rolling Hills Asylum

Posted on May 12, 2021
Rolling Hills Asylum
11001 Bethany Center Road East Bethany NY 14054
Genesee County


Opened in 1827 as the Genesee County Poor House but now referred to as Rolling Hills Asylum – this historical property is notoriously known as the most haunted location in the Country. Steeped in history yet famous for its hauntings, Rolling Hills has been featured on numerous television shows and is a sought out destination by people from around the globe. Don’t miss out on this legendary landmark located in East Bethany just 15 minutes from Batavia.
Self guided ghost hunts are available on select Friday or Saturday nights at Rolling Hills Asylum. Self guided ghost hunts afford you time to free roam and explore the 60,000 square foot haunted asylum!
Each week there are different options – either 4 Hr Detained – $50, 5 Hr ICU – $60, 6 Hr Captive – $70 all include tips on how to investigate and a quick over view of the history of the property! Rolling Hills Asylum doesn’t loan out equipment but does have a gift shop with many of the gadgets seen on T.V.  Don’t have the budget for equipment…. no worries…. Your smart phone has an awesome built in camera and audio recorder which works great at capturing spirit activity!
For more information visit rollinghillsasylum.com!

Weekend Self Guided Ghost Hunts At Rolling Hills Asylum

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Weekend Self Guided Ghost Hunts At Rolling Hills Asylum

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