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While we use this page to promote Brass Ring’s website and digital marketing services, we also put other WNY small businesses and nonprofits into the spotlight. It might be a little biased coming from us, but we love supporting our local businesses and organizations...

About the farm and what we offer!

Event Venue – Our remodeled “rustic meets modern” barn with a 45-guest capacity, have a private event of your own! Wedding Florist -I incorporate fresh, pesticide-free, flowers and greenery from the farm as much as possible into your wedding day flowers. Custom...

Call Before You Dig

Have a home project that needs to break ground? From gardening to installations and other outdoor projects, before putting a shovel in the ground, call 811. Calling 811 keeps you and your entire community safe. Hitting a buried line while digging can disrupt utility...

Buffaloops Looking for artists to feature samples and loops!

Feature your work on a national platform, and earn cash! Buffaloops launched a platform providing high-quality royalty-free instrument samples, loops, and drum kits, made with industry-leading gear, tools, and software. Our audio is made by experienced producers and...

Let Active Workforce find your next Job!

Have you been looking for construction work and found little luck in securing a position? At Active Workforce Inc., we can help turn your luck around and get you onto a construction site in a short period of time. Our clients are motivated to find permanent employees,...


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