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Written by SOB Creative

Published on February 15, 2017

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We here at SOB are super excited to announce a brand new partnership with a Buffalo-based non-profit called Compeer, an org that builds ongoing friendships for those who need ‘em most.

What is Compeer?

You might be wondering who / what / where / when / why Compeer? Compeer is an organization headquartered right here in the City of Good Neighbors (Coincidence? I think not!) that makes it their mission to match volunteers and mentors in one-to-one supportive friendship relationships with children, adults, military vets, and seniors who are striving for good mental health. They believe (and we all know it’s true) that the healing power of friendship helps to change lives. Just think where you’d be without your bff by your side. 👯


Here’s how it works…

Compeer recruits, screens, and matches trained volunteer friends and mentors – anyone can sign up to volunteer and get trained, the more the merrier! In fact Compeer is always looking for new Western New Yorkers to get on board, become positive role models, help raise self-esteem, increase social and communication skills, and encourage independence for their Compeer friends.
Basically, Compeer provides a fun, flexible volunteer opportunity that fits into pretty much anyone’s lifestyle, as they only ask for a minimum of one hour per week of your time. What you do with your Compeer friend is up to you two – go bowling, grab coffee, see a movie, try new restaurants together ;), almost anything goes really. Volunteers learn all about the best practices of being a good friend during training. And the best part is, that one hour a week can actually make. a. difference.
TBH, you never know when you just might get more out of this friendship than the person who needed it to begin with. #friendshipgoals 😄
As an Official Partner of Step Out Buffalo, we hope you’ll join in the effort to help create new friendships by donating to Compeer or even volunteering yourself! To learn more about how you can get involved go to
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We launched a new look!

Our new design features a better browsing experience, modern mobile navigation, more visual displays of key info, better filtering options on the search page, and much more.

We hope you love our new look! That said, we’re #ForeverTweaking and would greatly appreciate your feedback so we can make *all* you want and need as your go-to resource for the best of Western New York!

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">SOB Creative</a>

Written by SOB Creative

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