A Complete Guide to Street Art in Downtown Buffalo

street mural
Metamorphosis #5 / Photo courtesy of instagram @kelly_galovich_photography

We know we don’t have to remind you, but there’s a lot canceled right now. And while it’s absolutely for the best, that doesn’t mean it’s not still a huge bummer. 

One thing that’s not canceled, though, is the gorgeous street art that’s all around our beautiful city. If you’ve been meaning to see some of these masterpieces in person (and snag some shots for Instagram with not many people around), it’s basically the perfect time. 

Whether you take a solo drive around Buffalo to get out of the house and preserve your sanity, or simply enjoy exploring the neighborhood from the comfort of your own home, use the guide below to check out some of the best murals in downtown Buffalo: 


Ready for more? Check out our guides to street art on Hertel, Elmwood, West Side and in Allentown.

Did we miss one? Email us at editorial@stepoutbuffalo.com!

Main Street:


1.  Diver and Sea Creatures 

515 Main Street (back of building) 

Artist: Chuck Tingley, Matt Groat, and Max Collins


2. Misuta Chows dragon

521 Main Street 

Artist: Taka Sudo


3. Optichromie 

681 Main Street (behind town Ballroom)

Artist: Felipe Pantone 


4. Noodle in the Northern Lights

710 Main Street (on the side of Shea’s 710 Theatre)

Artist: Jessie and Katey 



5. Keep Buffalo A Secret

810 Main Street 

Artist: Ian De Beer


6. Metamorphosis #5

1665 Main Street 

Artist: Tavar Zawacki



7. Green Kaleidoscope

2303 Main Street 

Artist: Augustina Droze



8. Typewriter

468 Washington Street 

Artist: Julian Montague & James “Yames” Moffitt


9. Wildflowers for Buffalo

465 Washington Street

Artist: Louise Jones


10. Electric Avenue

300 Ellicott Street

Artist: Unknown


11. Mcclelland Small Animal Hospital

455 Ellicott Street

Artist: Unknown



12. Greetings from Buffalo

461 Ellicott Street

Artist: Casey William Milbrand 


13. Walking Back Time

5 East Huron Street 

Artist: Logan Hicks


14. Buffalo Proper (RIP)

333 Franklin Street 

Artist: Kristin Brandt



15. Big Ditch Brewing Company

55 East Huron Street

Artist: Unknown


16. Two Waterfronts

7 Scott Street

Artist:  Thomas Paul Asklar & Matthew Sinclair Conroy


Did we miss one? Email us at editorial@stepoutbuffalo.com!


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