A Complete Guide to Street Art in Allentown

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Written by Emily Malkowski

Published on January 8, 2020
Allentown street art

Allen Street Hardware  Cafe (side) / Photo x Emily Malkowski

Somewhere along the way, Allentown became Buffalo’s go-to for late night eats and bar hopping. After all, if you’ve never made a midnight trek to The Old Pink or Mulligan’s Brick Bar to inevitably run into someone from high school, are you really from Buffalo? 

Regardless, every true Buffalonian knows there’s way more to Allen than its strip of “hometown” bars. All of the renowned restaurants, community art galleries, intimate music venues, and local shops that call Allentown home contribute to the neighborhood’s creative energy, making it a really exciting place to be. And just like its Hertel and Elmwood counterparts, Allen Street is, of course, home to a colorful public art scene that’s hard to beat.

Here’s a complete guide to all of the murals that bring the streets of Allentown to life:

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Allentown street art

Hamilton Houston Lownie Architcts / Photo x Emily Malkowski

1. Hamilton Houston Lownie Architects -172 Allen Street

Artist: Christopher Guerra


Allentown street art

The Old Pink / Photo x Emily Malkowski

2. The Old Pink -223 Allen Street


Allentown street art

The Voyage / Photo x Emily Malkowski

3. Voyage -224 Allen Street

Artist: Chuck Tingley


Allentown street art

Holley Farms Market / Photo x Emily Malkowski

4. Holley Farms Market -233 Allen Street

Artist: Ian DeBeer



Allen Hardware Store

Photo x Emily Malkowski

5. Allen Street Hardware Cafe -245 Allen Street (front & side)

Artist: Deric McHenry (Front)

Artist: Nicholas Delfino (Side)


Allentown Street Art

Nietzche’s / Photo x Emily Malkowski

6. Nietzche’s248 Allen Street

Artist: Yames & Sparky


Allentown street art

Resting Lion / Photo x Lauren Spoth

7. Resting Lion-471 Delaware Ave

Artist: Vintango


Allentown street art

Founding Father’s Pub / Photo x Emily Malkowski

8. Founding Father’s Pub -75 Edward Street





9. Rainbows on Allen (in front of Cantina Loco)191 Allen Street


Mundy Cakes

Mundy Cakes stairs / Photo courtesy of Mundy Cakes

10. Mundy Cakes (steps) -220 Allen Street


Did we miss one? Email us at!

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Emily Malkowski</a>

Written by Emily Malkowski

Based in Buffalo, Emily is a marketing professional by day, and a freelance writer by night. She is passionate about uncovering unique stories, and dreams of cross-country road trips, endless sunshine, and adopting multiple dogs.

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