CooCoouModern Has all the Mid Century Mod Antiques You Need



Written by Morgan Culhane

Published on November 3, 2017

If you consider yourself mid-century modern obsessed, prepare to fall head over heels. But seriously vintage and retro lovers, you will swoon upon entering. Try to dial it back… but only if you can. There’s a lot to see inside, and no detail is worth missing.
CooCoouModern found its new home on Tonawanda Street earlier this year. And it’s safe to say it’s the 20th-century jewel this Black Rock neighborhood never knew it needed.
Imagine exposed brick, tall ceilings, and just the right amount of natural light shining in. As far as we’re concerned, this spacious warehouse couldn’t be more perfect. This shop is the type of place where you could wander for days, and still want to keep exploring. Think Disney World, but for grownups.
The owner Michael Merisola has this talent for finding crazy cool stuff. You may find furniture, art, decor, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, and more inside these walls. This place is adding new treasures on the reg.

Think massive treasure hunt. We’d draw you a map, but the treasures are traveling in and out of this place on a daily basis. The good news? You just never know when your lucky day will arrive.
Reasons to go to CooCoouModern:

  1. You are moving into a new place.
  2. You are giving your home sweet home a mid-century makeover.
  3. You are searching for a one-of-a-kind piece to complete a specific room.  
  4. You have absolutely no idea what you are looking for.
  5. Because we said so?

Regardless of your reasoning, we completely support a trip to this local home shop warehouse. There’s this myth that all mid-century pieces are insanely expensive. With CooCoouModern in town, mid-century can most certainly fit in your budget.

Years later, the mid-century style is still killin’ it. From those clean, sculptural lines and smooth curves to bold accents, retro patterns, and funky textures, we LOVE it all. Basically, mid-century has a superpower and it’s called transcending time aka all these years later they are relevant and popular for today’s homeowner.
If you’re captivated with the mid-century modern look, visit CooCoouModern and thank us later!
111 Tonawanda St., Buffalo, NY 14207
(716) 432-6216

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Morgan Culhane</a>

Written by Morgan Culhane

Morgan is a storyteller with a passion for exploring Buffalo's food and beverage scene. She enjoys drinking craft beer so much that she started a business dedicated to promoting this industry. As the co-founder of Content on Draft, she develops social media marketing strategies for craft beverage companies in Buffalo and beyond… and she loves it!
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