These Are The 10 Coolest Homes in Buffalo

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Written by Matthew Digati

Published on May 16, 2022
86 Norwood / Photo x Matthew Digati

Buffalo Homes was founded in 2015 when I decided that I needed to find a way to show off Buffalo’s beautiful and historic homes. So I made an Instagram account (@buffalohomes) and started to walk the streets of Buffalo photographing any home that struck me as unique. With only my camera and my knowledge of Buffalo’s various neighborhoods, I went searching for photo-worthy homes.


I recently created with the following things in mind: diving deeper into the beautiful homes here in Buffalo, taking a closer look at each house to notice the small details that make these homes so unique, keeping up to date with restoration projects, and showcasing some of Buffalo’s already treasured homes. It’s led to stunning insight into some of the coolest homes in Western New York.

Buffalo Homes has now evolved into a website as well – find galleries and more at

Here are my 10 absolute favorites:

Coatsworth Mansion / Photo x Matthew Digati
Coatsworth Mansion / Photo x Matthew Digati
Coatsworth Mansion / Photo x Matthew Digati

1. Coatsworth Mansion

Cottage Street

The Coatsworth is everything that I love about homes in Buffalo. Built in 1879, the rich history of this home paired with the incredible second empire style catches the eye of everyone that walks by, yet fits so perfectly into the surrounding neighborhood.

Orton Street / Photo x Matthew Digati

2. Orton Street


This Orton Street home embodies everything that Allentown has come to be known for: it’s vibrant, unique, and covered in small details that one needs to take time to notice.


Summer & Norwood / Photo x Matthew Digati
Summer & Norwood / Photo x Matthew Digati

3. Summer & Norwood

Elmwood Village

This corner property has some serious curb appeal and sits just slightly up on a hill forcing anyone walking by to literally look up to admire its beauty. The interior is flooded by natural light and very spacious.


Chapin Parkway / Photo x Matthew Digati

4. Chapin Parkway

Delaware District

For years I considered this my favorite home in Buffalo. The pillars, the symmetry, the garden; they all demand attention. Curb appeal is the perfect phrase to sum up this Buffalo home. Stand on the sidewalk right in front of it and you’ll be in awe.


Symphony Circle / Photo x Matthew Digati

5. Symphony Circle

West Side

This Symphony Circle property was the home that made me realize what the Buffalo Homes instagram account could become. Set back from the road, you need to walk up close to get the full appeal. The response from people was so positive and overwhelming when I shared this home for the first time, I knew that there was a large audience that wanted to see more of Buffalo’s historic homes.

Lincoln Parkway / Photo x Matthew Digati

6. Lincoln Parkway

Delaware District

Corner properties can be difficult to use when trying to create a usable and private, yet beautiful and unique home. This Lincoln Parkway home shows that everything is achievable when the design is well thought out.

7. Johnson Park

Lower West Side

Just a few years ago, this home was approaching a stage of decay. This Johnson Park home shows why restoration is so important. There is not another home that looks like this in the city. The small details and the intricate woodwork is something that we as a city are lucky to still have.


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Ashland Avenue – Elmwood Village

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8. Ashland Avenue

Elmwood Village (Red House)

This smaller Ashland Avenue home is so photogenic that it’s difficult to not take and post photos through every season. It’s a beautiful representation of the residential side of the Elmwood Village.


Ashland Bryant Tiny House / Photo x Matthew Digati

9. Ashland & Bryant (Tiny House)

Elmwood Village

Everyone’s favorite tiny house. This home has been featured, photographed, and talked about for years now. It shows what is possible if when you think about how much space you actually need and is a feat of architectural design.

86 Norwood / Photo x Matthew Digati
86 Norwood / Photo x Matthew Digati
86 Norwood / Photo x Matthew Digati

10. 86 Norwood Avenue

Elmwood Village

A hidden gem that not many know about. This victorian beauty was built in 1890 and was restored back to its original glory about 10 years ago, as you can see with its jaw dropping interior. During the summer when the Garden Walk is happening, it’s the backyard that is on display and it’s a must see if you haven’t yet been.

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Matthew Digati</a>

Written by Matthew Digati

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