This Corner Bar’s Fish Fry Gets Better Every. Single. Year.

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Written by Jessica Kelly

Published on March 1, 2022
McPartlan’s Corner Fish Fry / Photo courtesy of Google Images

For years McPartlan’s has been a family go-to classic fish fry spot, and for good reason. This local restaurant has been serving their famous haddock fish fry for 50+ years and in our opinion, it gets better every. single. year. Just a quick scroll through their social media will have you realizing their followers can’t get enough of their fish fry (even on posts that have nothing to do with it). So with that being said here’s a full break down on what you need to know:


For starters, if and when you arrive hangry, they’ll start you off with bread baskets to help to take the edge off. As for the fish fry, it comes in two sizes. If you don’t feel like getting too crazy, you can order the small portion (but why?) or go for the full-size portion (highly recommended). Regardless of your portion, the fish fry comes with crunchy coleslaw and your choice of potato. Another fantastic option is their pasta salad which is honestly reason enough to stop at McPartlan’s. It’s light and flavorful, and leaves you wanting more.  So good, in fact, some may suggest opting to skip the rest of the sides and get two helpings of the mac salad.  So there’s that…

Keep in mind that with a good fish fry comes a good, long wait time – don’t be discouraged.  These guys are usually packed, but trust us when we say it’s worth the wait.  Get there early if you can and be prepared to grab a glass of wine or an ice cold beer at the bar before dinner!

McPartlan’s Corner

669 Wehrle Dr Buffalo, New York 14226 • $$

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North Towns

Casual Table Service

We are renowned for our fresh Hadlock fish fry as well as our buffalo style chicken wings and our beef on weck sandwiches. ...


This post was originally published in 2017 and has been updated.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Jessica Kelly</a>

Written by Jessica Kelly


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