Here’s Where To Go For A Crazy Milkshake With Whole Cookies On It

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Nothing washes down a savory meal like a sweet, milky, creamy shake.

Deep South Taco gets it, and they’re taking their shakes very seriously. And we mean VERY.

These are not your average milkshakes, folks. In fact, they’re called ‘Crazy Shakes’. Because these. babies. have. TOPPINGS. We’re talking delicious milky goodness with the whole shabang. Whipped cream, FULL-SIZE cookies, TimBits, candy and chocolate galore. Toppings to the MAX (it’s all about the toppings, guys).

*FOR THE RECORD: We are fully aware that there are other restaurants with freak shakes, and to that we say the more the merrier!*

It gets better… you can upgrade to an adult version for an even better experience. And they’ve got three crazy milkshakes to choose from, so choose wisely…if there is such a thing.

Meet the crazy shakes:

First up, Dulce de Leche. The shake is comprised of vanilla ice cream and dulce de leche. It’s got whipped cream, crushed cinnamon sugar tortillas, churro, twix and is drizzled in dulce de leche (aka caramelly goodness). And the adult upgrade features Stoli salted karamel vodka and Baileys (#YUM).

Next, they have the One Buffalo shake. If you thought the last one was crazy, wait ‘til you get a load of this. It’s literally got everything we pride and cherish as Buffalonians. That includes sponge candy, loganberry rock candy, Cheerios and Timbits (yes, Timbits) loaded in whipped cream and colorful sprinkles. Oh, and did I mention that those were only the toppings? The shake is made of vanilla ice cream blended with loganberry syrup. Upgrade your experience with Lejay Cassis and vanilla vodka. You in yet?!

Last, Chocolate. This chocolate shake has FULL-SIZE chocolate chip cookies, oreos, more crushed oreos, snow caps, Hershey bar, chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream, and THE BEST chocolate sauce ever (like, you’re going to want to lick it from the plate). Add to that chocolate liqueur and vanilla vodka. You really can’t go wrong here (well, unless you’re lactose intolerant).

After you pick your poison, be sure to prepare yourself mentally for what you are about to consume. You may even need a partner to finish one (because they’re THAT filling). And also, these are the most #INSTAWORTHY desserts you will ever see. Get one. Seriously.


NOTE: These are only sold at the Transit location!

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