Curious about how to get a medical cannabis card in New York? Follow these 3 simple steps 

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A lot of folks are curious about their options when it comes to medical marijuana, and the same is true for many residents in Buffalo. Whether you’re looking to apply for a New York medical cannabis card or if you’re curious if you qualify in the first place, Verilife is here to help. 

The common stigmas associated with cannabis are falling to the wayside–especially as more there are currently 34 states with legal access to medical marijuana. Even though lawmakers–and some of your grandparents–are more welcoming to cannabis, the confusion around what’s legal, patient eligibility and where you can purchase products is still prevalent. 

It’s important to know that laws differ per state, and for New York, only medicinal use is legal, which means you must have a valid medical cannabis card to make a purchase. But if you’re looking to get relief for your chronic illnesses, you can join the more than 118,000 medical card holders in New York by following these three steps:


1. Obtain a practitioner certification 

To get your medical cannabis card, you must first get a practitioner certification from either your preferred physician or qualified nurse practitioner, or find a new doctor who can provide this certification. A list of certified practitioners is available here

New York patients must have a qualifying condition to apply. See the full list of qualifying conditions for New York residents here.


2. Complete New York Department of Health Online Application 

For residents in the state, the New York Department of Health requires an online application to be submitted through its patient registration portal. It’s an easy process if you have the right documents beforehand so it’s always smart to prepare. 

  • Apply online at and create an account to register with the New York medical marijuana program. 
  • Have a photo ID image ready, which can be a New York Driver’s License, non-driver ID card or a recent photo of yourself against a blank white background and from the shoulders up. 
  • You must also bring a document that provides proof of residency in New York. 

After completing these steps, you’ll receive a temporary registration ID card, which can be used with a photo ID to purchase medical marijuana products! 

After you’ve received your temporary registration ID, patients also have the option to designate up to two caregivers to purchase medical cannabis. Caregivers must register with the New York Department of Health and be a legal resident of New York with a valid state ID. 

For those who need help filling out their application, Verilife offers free application assistance for New York residents looking to apply.

Photo courtesy of Verilife

3. Visit Verilife with your newly mailed medical cannabis card 

After you complete the registration process, you’ll receive your medical cannabis card in the mail from the New York Department of Health. Take note: the medical card will have a predetermined expiration date, which is set by your licensed physician. 

Simply replace your temporary registration ID with the newly issued card and you’re ready to visit a designated dispensary in New York. Verilife has locations in Albany, Amherst, Bronx and Liverpool, which offer a variety of cannabis products on its menu for medical patients. 

Looking for an even easier way to get your medical cannabis in Buffalo? Verilife offers delivery to patients within a designated area of each of its New York locations like Amherst. Just order online and see if you are in our delivery radius. 

The relief you need for chronic illnesses shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the everyday. Applying for a medical cannabis card is easier than ever with application assistance from Verilife. 

For medical marijuana application assistance or questions, feel free to contact our Amherst Outreach Representative, Anthony Giordano, at (513) 315-7680 for help. Or visit for more information. 



25 North Pointe Parkway#30, Amherst, NY 14228


This article is a paid promotion by one of our advertisers. With these paid articles our goal is to share valuable information with our readers that we think you’ll find useful and interesting.

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