5 Spots to Get Dairy-Free/Vegan Ice Cream in WNY

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Dairy isn’t for everyone- we get it, but guess what? ICE CREAM IS. Everyone needs their ice cream fix- and now, nothing is stopping you, thanks to some shops around town serving up dairy-free. And let me tell you, these shops aren’t just serving dairy-free “options” (aka freezie pops and slushies)- they’re serving real dairy-free vegan *ice cream*. Check out some of our fav spots:

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Adrian’s Ice Cream Sandwich / Photo x Naomi Sakovics

1. Adrian’s Custard & Beef

2335 Grand Island Blvd, Grand Island, NY 14072


It’s not very often that you find a little hidden treasure place like this serving dairy-free custard. Adrian’s is doing it right, guys. Not only is the custard Ahh-mazing, it doesn’t taste like pure chemicals (#plus)- it’s real creamy and delish, just like ice cream should be. The flavors rotate regularly (and yes, there’s more than just vanilla). Oh, and did I mention they’ve got a dairy-free and vegan ICE CREAM SANDWICH?! Yeah, that’s right. Get there today.


2. Anderson’s Frozen Custard

View All 6 Locations here  (PS They also have a food truck!)


This Buffalo favorite has some of the best custard around, but I bet you didn’t know they had some bomb vegan ice cream too! Well, “ice cream” is a relative term- they’re using “Plant Based Frozen Dessert”- same thing though, right? (if we’re being honest, it sounds a lot healthier). They’ve got 2 flavors (with these flavors, that’s all you even need)- Chocolate Raspberry Chunk and Coconut Chocolate Almond😍 . They’re both made with coconut milk!


Peach & Love / Photo courtesy of Churn

3. Churn Soft Serve

1501 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216


Churn’s coconut soft serve is vegan (and may I add, delicious)– AND they’ve got vegan specialties too, not just plain old ice cream in a dish (BORRRINGGG) -in fact, these are the exact opposite. There’s “The Samoan,” which includes coconut soft serve, toasted coconut, chocolate chips and silky caramel sauce. And then, AND THEN- there’s the “Trix Are For Kiddos” curated cone with coconut soft serve, fruity cereal and lime zest- it’s supppper yummy.


4. Jerk’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream

523 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14203


All of their housemade ice cream is made with coconut milk, cream of coconut, high fructose corn syrups, extracts and a true non dairy whip base (aka dairy-free)! And guess what? There’s actually more than one dairy-free flavor, shocking, right?! Flavors include: Colada Noir, Cruella de Vanilla, Chocolate Cocoa and Strawberry.




5. Sweet Jenny’s Ice Cream

56 E. Spring St, Williamsville, NY 14221


This one-of-a-kind ice cream shop makes ALL of their flavors from scratch- and they’ve got just about a million flavors on hand (okay, that may be a little of an exaggeration-but there’s A LOT) that they rotate regularly. There are usually 2-3 vegan options and a couple tasty sorbets as well (flavors also rotate regularly)!

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