Dayboat Scallops by Mike A

Premier Buffalo Chef Mike Andrzejewski


He was hired as a bus boy at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens and failed miserably at the job. It was only his willingness to transfer to kitchen duties that kept young Mike Andrzejewski from being fired.  It’s also what led him to his highly successful career as one of the top chef / restaurateurs in Western New York.

Andrzejewski, or Mike A as he is well known in Buffalo dining circles, is the driving and creative force behind four of Buffalo’s most popular restaurants:  Mike A’s at The Hotel Lafayette, The Sea Bar and Tappo both on lower Ellicott Street and Cantina Loco on Allen at Elmwood. He credits a trusted group of chefs and managers with the impossible task of keeping his quartet of restaurants not only operational, but at the top of every “must dine” list.



When asked about the inspiration for his varied menus that are always ahead of the restaurant pack, Andrzejewski offers an interesting combination of reading, world traveling and experiencing food at other restaurants.  Then there’s that one undeniable element that is obviously essential to Mike A’s success….. a passion for creating food that offers an unforgettable taste experience and makes each diner feel uniquely special.


Mike A at Hotel Lafayette Details

391 Washington St, Buffalo, NY 14203

(716) 253-6453


>>Music for the Mike A video is by Eric Starr. Read more about the evolution of his talents, here.

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