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Artisanal Products @ Buffalo Horsefeathers Mkt

If you haven’t been to the Winter Market at Horsefeathers yet, don’t wait much longer. The indoor market, open every Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. is running only through May 3. Located at 346 Connecticut St. at Normal (Buffalo) it occupies portions of the first floor and lower level. While it may not be huge compared to some outdoor farmer’s markets, the opportunities for good product are first rate.

Some of my favorites: Public Revolution Blend coffee, meat’s and produce from Green Heron Growers, pork from T-Meadow Farm, everything at Castle Farms (must try the goat milk yogurt), Community Beer Works IPA, cookies at Simply Sweet Bakery. The market welcomed its newest vendor Oliver Street Bakery. We arrived late in the day and must have missed them. Don’t forget the permanent businesses -Pasta Peddler, Blackbird Sweets, Jolie’s Traditional Chinese, Chow Chocolat and Martin Cooks restaurant. The pasta at the Pasta Peddler is fantastic. My favorite is the Roasted Red Pepper linguini and the Pumpkin Cheese raviolis. We bought some frozen potstickers at Jolie’s but have steamed them up yet. Plan ahead to get a table at Martin Cooks Restaurant because there might be a bit of a wait. Put your name in and wonder.

As posted on their Facebook page “The Winter Market features farm-fresh produce as well as hand-crafted and locally produced items from approximately 20 vendors, including products such as meat, eggs, wine, biscotti, cookies, homemade dog treats, jams, soaps, chocolates, pasta, veggie burgers, gluten-free selections, coffee and much more.”

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