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Written by Francesca Bond

Published on June 1, 2017

Dough Boyz S’mores cookie dough // Photo from Facebook

Mom can’t tell you to not eat cookie dough anymore.
At Dough Boyz, Walden Galleria’s newest specialty dessert “restaurant”, you can fulfill your wildest dreams and stuff your face eat different flavors of cookie dough. Yes, we said cookie dough. After all, the only thing better than cookies is cookie dough.
You won’t have to worry about getting sick from it either since there are no eggs used to make the dough (just pure sunshine and happiness.) The dough is scooped out like ice cream and even served in ice cream cones, with options to add extras and make a sundae. Just imagine the Instagrams.
With 12 flavors, from s’mores to red velvet, there is legit something for everyone  – you know, unless you don’t like cookie dough. LOL


  • The Classic Chip (chocolate chips)
  • Monster M&M (M&M’s)
  • The Tuxedo (Oreo)
  • King Caramel (caramel, sea salt and dark chocolate)
  • Peanut Mother Butter (peanut butter, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Reese’s Pieces)
  • S’more Please (graham cracker, fluff, chocolate morsels)
  • Life of the Party (sprinkles)
  • The Old Fashioned (oatmeal and raisin)
  • The Americano (espresso and Nutella)
  • Mint Dynasty (mint and mini chocolate morsels)
  • Lady in Red (red velvet and white chocolate morsels)

Cookie dough shops have been popping up all over lately and we personally are super excited these boyz gave this nostalgic trend a go right here in WNY! Maybe Buffalo will be known for chicken wings, beef on weck and….cookie dough? You never know.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Francesca Bond</a>

Written by Francesca Bond

Francesca was a Step Out Buffalo intern in 2017.
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