Dream Big Buffalo

April Fools!

Yes, Buffalo, we’re sorry but Trump Resorts Buffalo was an April fools joke. A cruel one by some accounts, but in our defense, it was April 1st. Rust Belt Resorts? Kudos to the few that picked up on it! We felt that was the perfect segue into our Dream Big Buffalo Wish List.

#1 Lake Erie Golf & Resort

Trump Resorts Buffalo is one of our dreams for Buffalo – especially the two waterfront golf courses (at least number one for the old golfer in the group). Just imagine something like Kohler Resorts (Wisconson), a beautiful public golf course (or 2) on the shores of Lake Erie just minutes from downtown. How fantastic. How cool would it be to duck hook one of your Titliest into a giant windmill? Read more about “the dream” here.


#2 Buffalo Beaches

World Class Waterfront- we’re making progress, Canalside is fantastic and getting better every day. The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation is doing a great job. How about a full blown sand beach on the north end of the Outer Harbor, similar to the great urban landscapes of Barcelona, Spain and Chicago? Can we please just get a bulldozer, make a nice gradual slope into the water and add sand? Do you know how much money they spend in Florida pumping sand onto the beach that gets washed away every few years. In Barcelona they have pop up vendors along the wide beach boardwalk serving up all sorts of good stuff in warmer months.


#3 World Class Market

Don’t stop there, we want a Mercado and always have. “BUT WAIT!” You say. Mercado Revolution is working on getting funding for exactly that as we speak! Yes – Mercado is one of our top 5 Big Dreams for Buffalo. What’s scary (in a good way) is that it’s a REAL possibility. A Mercado will be a great way to showcase the best foods and techniques we have to offer in Buffalo, as well as develop new ideas, chefs and businesses. In our dream we see a market in downtown Buffalo, but if not phase one maybe phase two? Let’s help Mercado & WNY get this dream on the books by reading up on their campaign and backing them ASAP. BACK MERCADO HERE

Yes, we know this might not (all) be an exercise in reality, but that’s the point. If money was no object, politics aside, what would be your dream for Buffalo? Let us know what you think-PLEASE! Comment below! And remember – Dream Big Buffalo!


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