Dream Jobs @ Step Out Buffalo

Step Out Buffalo *Dream Jobs*

Step Out Buffalo is a relatively new, pro-Buffalo digital publication with a vested interest in telling Western New Yorkers about all of the great things going on in our area. We’re a business in start-up mode looking for individuals who are self-motivated, have positive attitudes, love stepping out and exploring our city, and who want to take on the world starting with Buffalo, NY. As professed Buffalovers we want to add people to our team who love Buffalo/WNY and are interested in taking part in the resurgence of our region. We’re looking for individuals who are self-motivated, have positive attitudes, love stepping out and exploring our city, and are more interested in the community and less in a plain ol’ 9-5 gig that makes them hate Mondays.

Step Out Buffalo is not currently actively seeking full time employees. We are, however growing quickly and always looking to collaborate with talented people! If you’re in need of experience, want to build your portfolio, and/or are looking for some serious exposure in lieu of cash money, let’s team up! Email us at [email protected] if you like doing free stuff for funzies.



Are you a passionate go-getter (yeah, we went there) with a good work ethic and a love for Western New York? (All of which far outweigh the need for experience in our humble opinion.) If you like social media, marketing, event planning, public relations, graphic design, snapping everything and anything, writing, editing, keeping up with *all* the changes on Instagram, piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, or just want to get some great experience at a local start up (we highly recommend this for anyone who might want to be a fun-loving entrepreneur when they grow up), feel free to drop us a line! #runonsentancesarefun


Now Accepting Summer 2018 Internship Applications at Step Out Buffalo

  • Marketing – Are you interested in learning more about marketing in the year we *actually* live in? (Shout out to Gary Vee!) Apply to work with our marketing team and do just that. We market our website, events, and clients. Must be curious, willing to learn, and try new things constantly, because that’s what marketing is all about.
  • Event Planning – Step Out Buffalo now has a full-blown events division, meaning we plan a bunch of events that we would want to go to and have a good old time doing it. Some of our events include the Buffalo Bloody Mary Fest, Buffalo Cocktail Classic, and Buffalo Pierogi Fest. (Disclaimer: “full-blown” means we’re busy af, not that we have a ten-person event team and an amazing office.) If you want/need event planning experience, we can help (and could use your help!).
  • Editorial – Are you a good writer? (In the sense that you write stuff that’s funny and makes sense, not in the stuffy, college paper way…) Has someone in addition to your mom told you that you’re a good writer? Do you have a blog or write for a school newspaper? Do you read stepoutbuffalo.com because you like the style of writing and think to yourself, “this is my jammmmm!”? Well then, by all means, apply! Oh and one last thing… you should love Buffalo and love researching dining and entertainment in Western New York, obv.

All internships are unpaid and are available for school credit in return. We promise to give you some killer opportunities to build your portfolio and learn by *actually* doing.


How to apply:

To apply, email [email protected], subject line “Internship Summer 2018”. Include your resume and desired position (Marketing, Event Planning, or Editorial). 

Tip: Tell us a little bit about yourself (including your name…..), why you’re hoping to work with us, and your favorite restaurant or event in Western New York. We can’t wait to meet you!