Dyngus Day & Family @ Polish Villa 2

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Written by Christina M. Abt

Published on April 18, 2014


On the Monday after Easter the tradition of Dyngus Day is celebrated around the world, highlighted by foods that define the Polish culture.

At the Polish Villa 2, Dyngus Day is celebrated everyday as this family-owned restaurant is dedicated to preparing and preserving their Polish homeland’s culinary traditions.

Eddie and Rosanna Kutas own and operate this little taste of Polonia set in suburban Cheektowaga, but the place “cooks” because of the restaurant’s family core.  From the dark, wood-paneled dining room to the bright bustling kitchen, almost everyone on staff has a first name followed by a family designation of cousin, niece, mother, father, son, daughter.  The family tree of employees at PV2 is as extensive as the menu and as expansive as the portions.

At the base of this down home restaurant’s success is one simple fact.  They make everything they serve on site.  Yep…from the soups and gravies based in their own stock, to the sausages, side salads, potatoes, both mashed and pancake, all the way to the desserts including the pie fillings and crusts, everything is made by Eddie, Rosanna and their family.  It’s not only a matter of restaurant pride that sets the standard at the Polish Villa 2, it’s generations of Kutas family customs and traditions that they proudly share with WNY diners on Dyngus and every day.

Music for the video by Buffalo Touch.


Polish Villa 2 Details  |  716-800-2088

1085 Harlem Road
Cheektowaga, NY 14227



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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Christina M. Abt</a>

Written by Christina M. Abt

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