Edies Pizza – 28 Days of Pizza

Edies Pizza Rated in the 28 Days of Pizza - WNY

DAY #19: Edies Pizza


380 Buffalo St

Hamburg NY 14075

(716) 646-0030

SOB Listing

Pizza Journal: Edie’s used to be a small operation right in the village of Hamburg. They have since expanded to include a small eat in dining room – the place looks good. (Many of Hamburg’s pizzerias are take out only aside from a picnic table out front.) Edies has grown in popularity over the years and I enjoy it as my regular pizza place in town. However, I have to say, now that my eyes have been opened to the heavenly pizza cranking out of some of the joints I’ve visited, I’m somewhat disappointed. If it’s possible to have distinctly different pizza styles from just south of Buffalo to Downtown and the North Towns, I will attribute my dissapointment to those differing styles. The pizza here (South Towns) is okay. The pizza in the city and beyond is better. Having completed just shy of two thirds of my journey and visiting my regular place has forced me to declare a big lead to the North Towns already. (In a competition I didn’t even know we were having.)

Anyway, I digress. Speaking from experience in my home town, if you’re looking for local, (which most Villagers are – and by local we mean from the Pour House to JP’s and no further) Edies is the best we have. That should count for something. I enjoy the flavor of the sweet sauce and the crunch coming from the pepperoni adds to the likability factor.


Tester Observations:

CRUST: a little crunchy on the bottom, crunchy crust, thin piece of actual crust, soft dough on the inside

SAUCE: very sweet, not much sauce

CHEESE: not very chewy or stringy

PEPPERONI: crunchy, not very spicy, charred around the edges, a little grease


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 Edie's Pizzeria - 28 Days of Pizza in Western New York








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