The Archer – Emphasis on Wild Game

Hunt, gather, prepare, and eat. It is a restaurant’s mastery of this process that defines her, and the quality of the dining experience she provides for her guests.” – Downtown Buffalo’s newest restaurant offers this all inclusive idea of the dining process to describe the goal of the new venture – to give guests an experience, beginning to end.




The Archer opened on December 11,  in the old City Grill space that has been shuttered for some time,  thanks to Chef Josh Archer and his wife Gladys. Josh has experience in the restaurant/hospitality business for close to 20 years. His work has taken him to fine restaurants and private country clubs in Chautauqua Institution, Bemus Point, Captiva Island, Naples, western Pennsylvania and most recently the Adirondacks. Gladys is a former school teacher and a native of Buffalo.


The spruced up venue has a new coat of paint, upholstery and decor. As you enter you’ll find a unique space with subtle nods to the wilderness that give the place texture and personality. A big bar stands to the left in the lower room, a glimpse of the kitchen peeks through brick arches and tables sit under a high ceiling on a middle level to the right. Look up and you’ll find the upper section of the restaurant where most of the tables reside next to a showcase of wine. I love the mixture of textures in the design of The Archer. The brick combined with wood elements, high ceilings, windows and a white deer head on the wall create a nice ambiance.


Like the design and decor of The Archer, the menu emphasizes, but is not limited to, wild game. “People have been coming in to try things like the Antelope.” said Gladys Archer. It’s exciting to be able have an adventurous option right here in Downtown Buffalo. For those that are interested in testing limits, The Archer offers appetizers of the Venison Sausage variety ($14) and light evening fare like Bison Burger with caramelized red onion ketchup, lettuce and melted Havarti Dill cheese ($14).

Adventurous Entrées:

Texas Quail – Spinach and feta cheese stuffed and baked; topped with sun dried tomato cream and serve with spaghetti romano ($24).

The aforementioned Nilgai Antelope – Native to the Himalayan foothills, extra lean steak served with a forest wild mushroom sauce and roasted garlic whipped potatoes ($35).


Chef Josh and Gladys made it clear that the emphasis on wild game does not solely define the menu. It’s is sprinkled with more mainstream dishes:

Diver Sea scallops – Pan seared with artichokes and pepadews in a peri peri sauce, served over curried basmati rice ($32)

Pasta Puttanesca – A melange of sautéed artichokes, garlic, red onion, olives, caper and tomatoes; tossed in our marinara sauce and cavatappi pasta ($16)

Montreal Pork Chop – Grilled and topped with an apple, maple, and bacon sauté; served over roasted garlic smashed redskins ($21).


The idea is to work with what nature offers. Aquatics was a choice word by the owners to indicate that not only does the menu feature seafood, but dishes using resources from the Great Lakes. For example, they offer Almond Crusted Walleye – drizzled with an Amareeto beurre blanc; served over a wild rice blend, frilled asparagus and topped with fried parsnips ($28). Their aim is casual fine dining with New American Cuisine and that notable emphasis on wild game.


The Archer’s location puts them in close proximity to the new and improved downtown we’re all awaiting, from Main Street to Pegulaville. It’s an exciting time in Buffalo, NY and this fine addition to dining options certainly adds to our exuberance.



268 Main Street, Suite 101 Buffalo, NY 14202

Corner of Main and Swan


(716) 768-4661

Mon – Sat: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm




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