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Buffalo native, Eric Starr, comes by his musical talent naturally.  His grandfather was a trumpeter and his father followed suit, touring with the famed Tommy Dorsey Band.  So it was almost predetermined that music would play in Starr’s life.

He began as a boisterous boy drummer and piano player, and evolved into a rocker, performing in a band with his brother, Nelson.  By his early twenties, Starr knew he needed a greater musical challenge so he turned his talents to a blend of jazz and contemporary classical music.  What followed were two CD’s (She and Such is Life) and a busy career teaching and playing music at every possible moment.

While Starr and his wife and two children live on Long Island, he still considers Buffalo home.  Oh and that teenage band with his brother, Nelson?  Well, Starr’s life and his music have come full circle as he and his brother are once again performing together, on recordings and in live performances.


Listen to La’raesa by Eric Starr in our Mike A video, here!



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