3 Doors Down & Collective Soul

  • 3 Doors Down & Collective Soul

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  • 3 Doors Down & Collective Soul: The Rock & Roll Express Tour

    Seneca Niagara Events Center

    Formed in a small Mississippi town by high school friends, 3 Doors Down has taken the rock scene by storm. They have sold more than 20 million records, sold out 300+ live shows a year and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in rock music. They got their name from an old, boarded-up building with a faded sign that was missing some letters and numbers; the sign said “Doors Down.” Since there were three members of the band at that time, they took the name 3 Doors Down.

    Born during the rise of grunge and alternative rock, Collective Soul broke into mainstream popularity when they rose to international fame in 1993 with the rock anthem “Shine.” The multi-platinum group has been making music for two decades. Collective Soul helped shape and define alternative rock with lots of guitars and attitude.

    Don’t miss two of the world’s best rock bands – 3 Doors Down & Collective Soul play your favorite hits at the Seneca Niagara Events Center on Saturday, August 18.